Universal High Speed Tips: Cast Triangular

A one-hand welding tip that is 6 to 8 times faster than conventional welding tips.

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The exclusive Laramy design pre-heats the substrate and the weld rod simultaneously. These tips save a great deal of welding time and should be used for any extensive work on maintenance and fabrication projects. Laramy has Universal High-Speed welding tips available for round and triangular profile rod in the following sizes:
Cast Triangular Speed Welding Tip Each size welding tip is supplied with a tip cleaner (pictured)
NST-1 C 1/8″ triangular welding rod
NST-2 C 3/16″ triangular welding rod
NST-3 C 1/4″ triangular welding rod
The triangular welding rod is measured by height, directly through the center of the weld rod.
The Laramy Triangular Speed Welding Tips are available in different profiles.
Please contact Laramy Products for details.