Laramy Plastic Bending Bar Sets

This inexpensive, precision tool heats thermoplastic sheets for forming bends.

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The combination of variable temperature control plus two heating surfaces results in adaptability to a wide range of materials, sizes and thicknesses. The exclusive Laramy replaceable heating elements permit inexpensive repairs in cases of burn-out without having to purchase the entire bar. The entire unit consists of two heating bars, two base supports and a control box with stepless heat control. The bars are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum with insulated handles for safe handling.
Laramy’s Plastic Bending Equipment are available in two sizes – 4 foot with 500 watt elements and 8 foot with 1000 watt elements. Operations is quite simple and training time is minimal.
Applicable materials include: PE, PVC, PP, Kydex, ABS, Polycarbonates and Acrylics