Laramy Plastic Bending Sword Sets

The V-Shaped aluminum bar attaches to one Laramy Bending Bar. With this attachment, it is possible to make sharp bends in thermoplastic sheets.

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The V Sword heats from the top of the sheet approximately 2/3rds of the way into the sheet. The excess material forms an extra bead along the inside of the bend resulting in a contact weld along the juncture of the groove.
The Laramy Sword is available as a complete unit with one V-Shaped heating bar, one base support and a control box. The V-Shaped sword can also be purchased as an optional item to the Laramy Plastic Bending Bars to convert an existing Bending Bar Set into a Bending Sword Set.
Laramy’s Plastic Bending Sword Sets are available in two sizes – 4 foot with 500 watt elements and 8 foot with 1000 watt elements.
Applicable materials for the Laramy Sword are Polypropylene & Polyethylene.