Nitrogen Saver Outfit

The Model 30-300 is a complete welding kit for use with Polyolefin welding applications requiring nitrogen.

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The Model 30-300 includes the LPNS Nitrogen Saver Unit, the basic torch, Laramy combination tip and your choice of two ‘Located Heat Elements’. Specify 250, 350, 450 or 550 watt elements with the order. The Model 30-300 is shipped in a plastic carrying case and includes a copy of Laramy’s exclusive 56-page manual “Making Even Better Plastic Welds”. Additional elements and accessories can be added at any time.
High-heat elements (650 or 750 Watt) can be purchased separately which will require the purchase of the special long barrel or by adding “HH” as a suffix to the model number. Example: 30-300 HH