Portable Compressor/Torch Outfit

The Model 30-200 is a complete, portable production welding outfit with its own built-in air compressor.

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All you need is electrical power to operate it. The Model 30-200’s built-in compressor is constructed of the highest quality components throughout for top performance and trouble-free operation. The high quality, continuous duty, oil-less rotary vane compressor provides 2 1/2 cfm at 3 psi and is equipped with factory wired ON-OFF switches for compressor and torch, interlocked to prevent operation of the welder without the compressor. The Model 30-200 includes the basic torch, intake filter/muffler, Laramy combination tip and your choice of two ‘Located Heat’ elements. Specify 250, 350, 450 or 550 watt elements with order.
The Model 30-200 is shipped in a rugged tool case and includes a copy of Laramy’s exclusive 56-page manual “Making Even Better Plastic Welds”. Additional elements and accessories can be added at any time.
High-heat elements (650 or 750 watts) can either be purchased separately, which will also require purchase of the special long barrel, or by adding “HH” as a suffix to the model number. Example: 30-200HH